Apple Server Diagnostics - Startup Tests

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Startup Tests

These tests run automatically when you start up Server Diagnostics EFI.

SMBIOS tests check to see if bad memory was detected and mapped out at server
startup. When the server tests memory at startup, it automatically maps out
bad memory. Mac OS X doesn’t see this mapped-out memory, so the non-SMBIOS
memory tests don’t test it. The SMBIOS test reports these mapped-out DIMMS.

When an ECC error occurs, memory catches the problem and and fixes it. When you
run other memory tests, the tests don’t realize an error has occurred. The ECC tests
detect these memory fixes and report them.


Estimated completion time


Hardware Existence

1 second

Compares a table of sensors and
fans with what’s connected to
the logic board. If a sensor or
fan isn’t found, an error occurs.
All sensors found can be
individually tested using sensor

SMBIOS Self-Test

1 second

Checks the SMBIOS tables for
32-bit errors (type 18) and 64-
bit errors (type 33). Also verifies
that the mapped-in DIMM size
is appropriate for the slot it’s
inserted into. If there’s a size
mismatch, an error occurs.

ECC Error Count

1 second

Reports the number of ECC
errors, and then resets the