Apple Server Diagnostics - Hard Drive Tests

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Hard Drive Tests

When Server Diagnostics Mac OS X starts, it performs a hardware existence test. All
hard drives and solid-state drives found during this test can be tested individually
using hard drive tests.


Estimated completion time


Threaded Surface Scan

2 hours for an 500 GB drive;
3 hours for a 1 TB drive

Scans the entire surface of a
hard drive.

Threaded Surface Short Scan

3 minutes

Scans the first 10 GB of a hard

Check SMART Status

1 second

Checks the SMART status of a
hard drive.

Short Random Multi-block

7 minutes

Performs a threaded, random
multi-block read of random
ranges of the target hard drive.
This isn’t a full surface scan,
but it causes rapid seeking and
reading of hard drive blocks. If
a block can’t be read, an error