Apple Server Diagnostics - Viewing Logs

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Viewing Logs

You can view the following types of logs in Server Diagnostics Mac OS X:

Log type



All messages from tests run in the current Server
Diagnostics Mac OS X session.

Hardware Info

Listing and description of all installed hardware.


Chapter 4

Using Server Diagnostics

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Chapter 4

Using Server Diagnostics


When you view logs in Server Diagnostics Mac OS X, a colored circle next to the log
name indicates whether the log is able to be loaded.



No circle

You haven’t loaded the log during this Server
Diagnostics session, or the log hasn’t been
created yet.


The log didn’t load. This usually occurs when
there isn’t any data in the log.


The log loaded.

To view logs:


Open Server Diagnostics Mac OS X.


If tests are currently running, wait for them to complete or stop them.

If tests are running, you can view only the test log.


Do any the following:

To do this

Do this

View logs in the current or chosen volume

Choose a log from the “View log” pop-up menu.

Search for specific text within the log

Enter text in the search field. When you press
Return, matching text is highlighted in the
log area.

Clear logs

Choose Logs > Clear current Log, or choose
Logs > Clear All Logs.
The name of the currently viewed log replaces

Refresh logs

Choose Logs > Refresh Current Log.